Is It Worth It to Buy a Cheap Motorhome Versus a New One?

Do not be duped into buying a cheap motorhome. Sometimes, cheap motorhomes are not worth the investment. If the motorhome is cheap because the owner can’t sell it, either because it is damaged, or because it smells like pets, don’t think that you are going to be smart by buying it. Most people are very sensitive to pet smells. Most people do not like having to spend extra or the same amount for a damaged RV when they can’t find good deals on undamaged ones all the time.

Buying a new motorhome today may cost you more money. But in the long run, you will not have to pay as much for repairs. Probably the first three years or so, the dealership or manufacturer will offer you a warrantee. This means that they will repair any damages that take place to the motorhome that could have been caused by their company. This can give you some peace of mind. And you can feel better knowing that your RV has only one owner that takes good care of it and that is you.

Original source: Acorpol.

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